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Keep Arts by the Arts District Protest!!!

When: Thursday, September 1 immediately after school

Where: Meet in front of the school to march to the DISD Administration building

Why: We want DISD to move our school to the Atmos building to maintain our connections to the Arts District

This is a Peaceful protest. Please Do Not: bring anything that will cause trouble (i.e. water balloons).

Signs will be provided. (If you want to make your own signs, please do NOT put anything vulgar on them!)


I toured both the Atmos building and Nolan Estes Plaza today. It could not be clearer which is better suited for Arts. The Atmos builing has plenty of room...and no flooding or mold problems. If we move into Nolan Estes, we will have ALL of our academic classes in the BASEMENT. The renovation costs would be a bit more expensive for Atmos(due to the fact that DISD will not be renovating Nolan Estes as much as they need to). This extra money could be earned by a benefit that we can put on...kind of like TOTA but not at the school, but I will talk more about that later. Not only is the Atmos building a better place, it is really close to the St. Paul Station, and we could still WALK to the Arts District. The Arts District of Dallas is where it is because Booker T. was built there. Please help us in keeping Arts Magnet by the Arts District!!

Love to all,
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