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crappity crap crap crap...

Blah. Report cards. Blah. Blah. Blah. Ugh! I'm so angry with my mother! My lowest grade was a friggin 89, and she was mad at me! And we almost blew up at eachother in front of Mr. Asher; it was horrible. I have never had a worse parent conference. My mom was being such a bitch to everyone!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Anyway, I went to Rachel's (this uber cool girl from DTC) Oscar party on Sunday. It was really fun. It's nice to meet new people. I swear I must have people ADD (not to mention big time boy ADD). I always get bored with people, except a few really cool kids. It's odd, but then again, I'm quite odd.

My life is soooo blah right now. I just need to sleep. Good night.

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